The great UXOR hunt!

Although strictly you'd expect to find a campaign under 'campaigns' (of course) I have done a separate page for this new campaign. It comes about because the UX Orionis type of YSO often shows a light-curve similar to an Algol-type eclipsing binary and for that reason quite a few stars were classed as Algols when they were in fact UXORs.
With this in view the AAVSO now have an observing campaign to scout potential UXORs among Algols. I have drawn up a list of about 300 stars currently classed as Algols that lie within 5° of the galactic equator - a reasonable place to search for YSOs since that is where most of the starforming material resides.

Here you can see the stars in the list, and either look at the full programme or search by constellation. The magnitude details should provide a guide as to what your equipment is best suited to.