The Programme

This section will outline some ideas about how the YSO section's observational programme is heading as of the moment (April 2015)

First of all, there are some stars which you may be surprised not to find on the programme at the moment! One of these is the huge groupings of young variables in the regions of M42 and also the nearby - and related - regions in the Northern parts of Monoceros. The reason is the same in both cases; both areas are so saturated with YSOs that it is difficult to draw up charts for them as one is never completely sure that a comparison star will not also be a variable star! In such cases it is necessary to look for stars that have markedly different parallaxes to the stars in the starforming regions, and this is a longer-term project than simply drawing up conventional star charts.
To some extent, the current programme is based around my own preferences. To begin with, charts are being produced for stars that are suitable for amateur astronomers using visual methods of estimation together with a conventional telescope. Therefore, at the moment, the programme stars tend to have amplitudes of at least 1 magnitude, although sometimes on a chart for one 'main' variable there will be others that have been included even if they do not necessarily meet this criterion.

As regards charts and sequences, in all cases charts have been produced using VSP, and comparison star magnitudes determined either from Tycho (for those stars that spend the majority of time above about magnitude 12.5) or from the Carlsberg Meridian Catalogue CMC14 or, in the vast majority of cases the new UCAC UCAC-3 with the appropriate transformation equations being applied via spreadsheet to convert the multiwavelength values in those catalogues to visual ones.
The programme appears below. You can also access it by using "search by type" on the Star Search page and choosing "all" from the drop-down menu.

There are currently 209 stars in the programme.
Note that A indicates that an AAVSO chart is available from their website, whereas Y means that a chart is currently available only from this site. 'Mag Sector' is a rough guide to the size of telescope you will need to effectively observe the star.

StarRangeTypeMag SectorProgramme StatusChart
BM And12.40 - 14.6pINSBmediumA
FG Aql13.80 - 15.5pINSBmediumA
FH Aql13.20 - <16.5pINSBmediumA
V1012 Aql12.90 - 14.7pISBmediumA
V536 Aql12.60 - 16.3pINTfaintA
V682 Aql13.70 - 15.2pISfaintA
V686 Aql14.00 - 16.0pISfaintA
V670 Ara14.70 - 16.1pISfaintA
DG Aur13.50 - 15pINSAfaintA
GM Aur13.10 - 13.9pINSTmediumA
GZ Aur13.50 - 16.3pINfaintA
HO Aur12.60 - 13.7vISmediumA
PS Aur13.50 - 14.5pISmediumA
RW Aur9.60 - 13.6pINTbrightA
UY Aur11.60 - 14.3pINTmediumA
V347 Aur13.10 - 16pINTfaintA
V372 Aur14.30 - 15.3pISmediumA
ES Car13.00 - 14.5pINSmediumA
VV Car11.40 - 13.0pINBmediumA
MQ Cas11.70 - 13.6pIAmediumA
NSV 87 Cas10.30 - 12.1vISbrightA
NSV 93 Cas10.30 - 11.6pISbrightA
NX Cas14.10 - 15.5pIfaintA
V519 Cas13.80 - 15.1pISBfaintA
V545 Cas11.40 - 12.6pISAbrightA
V594 Cas10.90 - 12BINAbrightA
V628 Cas10.90 - 11.8vINAbrightA
V642 Cas10.30 - 11.3pISBbrightA
VX Cas10.70 - 13.3pISAbrightA
V540 Cen14.80 - 16.2pISAfaintA
V653 Cen14.00 - 15.0pISfaintA
V654 Cen12.80 - 14.1pISmediumA
V682 Cen11.90 - 12.7vISbrightA
BG Cep13.20 - 14.3pIAmediumA
BH Cep10.79 - 12.7pISBbrightA
BO Cep11.00 - 13.7pINSBbrightA
BS Cep13.90 - 16pIAfaintA
DI Cep11.90 - 13.5BINSTbrightA
DU Cep13.60 - 16.2pISBfaintA
DZ Cep14.40 - 16.2pINSAfaintA
EH Cep12.10 - 15.9pINSBmediumA
GL Cep12.90 - 13.9pINSBbrightA
GM Cep13.50 - 16.4pINSmediumA
LO Cep13.70 - 15.8pIAmediumA
SV Cep10.35 - 12.15vISAbrightA
V357 Cep13.50 - 14.5pISmediumA
V373 Cep11.82 - 12.89pINAmediumA
V488 Cep12.40 - 13.4pINmediumA
V730 Cep12.80 - 15.9vISAmediumA
YZ Cep12.00 - 13.5pISBbrightA
SX Cha14.00 - 16.6BINSBfaintA
SY Cha12.20 - 15.0pINSBmediumA
SZ Cha12.70 - 14.6pINSBmediumA
TW Cha12.80 - 15.3BINSBmediumA
UV Cha14.00 - 15.5pINSfaintA
VW Cha12.80 - 14.6pINSBmediumA
VZ Cha12.40 - 15.5BINSmediumA
WW Cha13.50 - 16.3pINSfaintA
WX Cha13.70 - 16.6pINSBfaintA
WY Cha14.10 - 16.1pINSBfaintA
XX Cha13.30 - 16.7BINSBfaintA
DG Cir12.80 - 16.8vINAmediumA
BN Cra13.00 - 14.3pISmediumA
GV Cra14.00 - 16.0pIfaintA
GX Cra14.00 - 15.2pIfaintA
MM Cra14.80 - 16.0pIfaintA
NO Cra14.70 - 15.7pIfaintA
V537 Cra11.60 - 12.6pIbrightA
V651 Cra13.50 - 15.0pImediumA
NSV 25614 Cyg13.50 - 14.5pINSmediumA
V1057 Cyg10.30 - 16.5BFUmediumA
V1331 Cyg10.60 - 13vINTbrightA
V1393 Cyg11.50 - 13.2pISmediumA
V1514 Cyg12.60 - 14.9pINSBmediumA
V1515 Cyg13.50 - 17.7bFUmediumA
V1811 Cyg10.10 - 12.3pINSbrightA
V1910 Cyg11.40 - 15.9pISAmediumA
V1938 Cyg13.80 - 15.2pINSfaintA
V1977 Cyg10.80 - 11.4pINAbrightA
V1982 Cyg12.00 - 13.8BINTmediumA
V517 Cyg12.50 - 15.3pINSAmediumA
V561 Cyg11.80 - 14.5pISBmediumA
V771 Cyg13.00 - 14.9pISmediumA
CF Dra14.00 - 15pINSAmediumA
KW Her13.80 - 16.5pINAfaintA
V1117 Her12.30 - 15.4pISmediumA
TU Hyi11.00 - 11.8pIbrightA
TV Hyi11.80 - 13.1pImediumA
AA Ind14.40 - 16.1pISfaintA
BH Lac11.00 - 12.8pIAbrightA
FY Lac11.00 - 11.9pIbrightA
V353 Lac13.00 - 14.6pImediumA
V375 Lac12.90 - 14.2vINAmediumA
EX Lup8.50 - 14.3vIN(YY)mediumA
GQ Lup11.40 - 12.7vIN(YY)brightA
MY Lup11.30 - 12.2vITbrightA
RU Lup9.60 - 13.4pINTbrightA
RY Lup9.90 - 13pINSBbrightA
OQ Lyr9.90 - 10.6pIbrightA
V497 Lyr11.90 - 13.5pIBmediumYv497lyr-e.png
PZ Mon9.60 - 11.1pISBbrightApzmon-d.png
SS Mon13.30 - 15.8pINBmediumAssmon-e.png
ZZ Mon13.20 - 15.6pINSmediumA
BM Mus14.20 - 15.2pIfaintA
BN Mus13.40 - 14.1pImediumA
DH Nor14.30 - 15.5pIfaintA
TV Oct13.00 - 16.0pImediumA
KK Oph10.90 - 12.7BINAbrightA
V1121 Oph11.20 - 12.2vINTbrightA
V2058 Oph13.60 - 14.5pINSTmediumY
V2062 Oph13.40 - 14.5pINSTmediumA
V2131 Oph13.00 - 14.2pINSmediumYv2131oph-e.png
V852 Oph13.60 - <16pINBmediumYv853oph-e.png
V853 Oph12.60 - 14.7BINTmediumYv853oph-e.png
BN Ori8.80 - 13.9pINSBbrightA
CO Ori10.30 - 13.8pINSBbrightA
GW Ori10.50 - 11.4vINSTbrightA
HI Ori13.20 - 15.5pINSTmediumA
HK Ori11.10 - 13.3pINSAbrightA
HM Ori13.60 - 15.6pINSfaintA
QR Ori13.30 - 16.3pINSmediumA
RY Ori10.80 - 13.9pINSBbrightA
V1022 Ori13.90 - 15.2pISfaintA
V1650 Ori10.30 - 11.4vUXORbrightaAAVSO
V1818 Ori11.00 - 14.1vINbrightA
V339 Ori12.50 - 16.0pISmediumA
V436 Ori14.30 - 15.7pINSfaintA
V437 Ori14.10 - 16.1pINSfaintA
V521 Ori13.00 - 14.5pImediumA
V613 Ori12.40 - 14.2pISmediumA
V625 Ori13.60 - 16.0pINSBfaintA
V627 Ori14.20 - 15.4pINSBfaintA
V630 Ori14.30 - 15.8pINSBfaintA
BS Pav9.80 - 11.9pISbrightA
TZ Pav12.00 - 13.4pImediumA
VY Pav13.00 - 14.3pImediumA
CF Per10.50 - 12.5vISBbrightA
DN Per14.80 - 16.2pISAfaintA
EO Per11.20 - 12.4vISAbrightA
IP Per10.40 - 11.5pISAbrightA
IS Per11.70 - 12.8vISbrightA
V369 Per10.50 - 13.7pISbrightA
XY Per9.80 - 11.0vINAbrightA
RZ Psc11.29 - 13.82vISBbrightA
NX Pup10.00 - 11.2vINAbrightA
V444 Pup13.00 - 16.5vINTfaintA
AK Sco8.70 - 11.7pINSBbrightA
BO Sco14.70 - 16pINfaintA
BP Sco14.40 - 16pINfaintA
NSV 7634 Sco11.90 - 12.7pINbrightA
NSV20691 Sco14.10 - <15.5pINSfaintA
UW Sco13.20 - 15.0pINmediumA
UZ Sco13.20 - 16.0pINmediumA
V1098 Sco11.20 - 12.1vINTbrightA
V1279 Sco12.50 - 13.2vINTmediumA
V398 Sco13.60 - 15.0pImediumYv398sco-d.png
V401 Sco13.10 - 14.0pImediumA
V641 Sco11.90 - 14.1vISmediumA
V725 Sco14.40 - 15.5pISfaintA
V856 Sco6.80 - 8.0vINAbrightA
V891 Sco12.50 - 14.5pINSmediumA
V892 Sco13.80 - 14.9pINSfaintA
V895 Sco13.00 - 14.5pINTmediumA
V896 Sco12.00 - 13.7pINSmediumA
V934 Sco13.80 - <15.5pINfaintA
V939 Sco13.60 - 14.8pINSmediumA
V940 Sco13.60 - 14.7pINSmediumA
V941 Sco13.60 - 14.6pINSmediumA
V943 Sco13.50 - 15.0pINSmediumA
V944 Sco10.20 - 11.4pINSbrightA
VV Sco12.90 - 14.2pINSmediumA
VSXJ182726-043447 Sct11.00 - 13.2vISBbrightA
XX Sct13.20 - 15.2pISmediumA
DD Ser10.00 - 12.5pINAbrightA
DM Ser13.20 - 14.9pImediumA
EU Ser14.20 - 16.4pUXORfaintaAAVSO
VV Ser11.80 - 14.5pINAmediumA
CN Sge13.70 - 15.1pISmediumA
DW Sge13.20 - 15.0pISAmediumA
HI Sge11.50 - 12.3pISAbrightA
AA Tau12.20 - 16.1pINTmediuma
AD Tau12.00 - 13.7pINTmediuma
BM Tau12.50 - 14.0pISAmediuma
BP Tau10.70 - 13.6bINTbrighta
BS Tau13.50 - 17.1bINSfainta
CQ Tau8.70 - 10.5pINSAbrighta
CW Tau12.40 - 15.0vINSTmediuma
DF Tau9.20 - 15pINSTmediuma
DG Tau10.50 - 14.9pINSTmediuma
DN Tau11.50 - 14.7pINSTmediuma
DQ Tau12.00 - 15.3bINSTmediuma
DR Tau10.50 - 16.0bINTmediuma
DS Tau11.90 - 14.02bINSTmediuma
FX Tau14.40 - 15.5BINSBfaintav587tau-e.png
GK Tau13.00 - 15.5pINSTmediuma
GU Tau12.50 - 14.3pINSmediuma
RR Tau11.00 - 13.6vINSAmediuma
RY Tau9.30 - 13pINTbrighta
T Tau9.00 - 13.5vINTbrighta
V1001 Tau13.00 - 14.6pINTmediuma
V586 Tau14.60 - 15.5BINSfaintav587tau-e.png
V587 Tau13.00 - 15.4pINSmediumav587tau-e.png
VY Tau9.00 - 15.26bINTmediuma
ZZ Tau12.90 - 16.5pINSBmediumav587tau-e.png
KN Tra12.50 - 13.5pISmediumA
EM Vel11.70 - 13.2vUXORmediumAAAVSO
CT Vul13.90 - 16.1BISfaintYctvul-f.png
IZ Vul13.10 - 16.2pIAfaintAizvul-f.png
WW Vul10.90 - 12.6pISAbrightA