Finding charts for specific objects

ObjectWhat is it?
NGC 7662Planetary Nebula in Andromeda
NGC 5460Open Cluster in Centaurus
NGC 6397Globular Cluster in Ara
NGC 6826Planetary Nebula in Cygnus
P.167-P.171 Binocular doubles in Columba
M.1The Crab Nebula (Taurus)
BU Gem etcField of red stars in Gemini
M.79 Globular Cluster in Lepus
NGC 4833, NGC 4372Two clusters in Musca
KX Ori etcNebular Variables in Orion
M.57The Ring Nebula in Lyra
RY Cam Finding chart for this red variable
SS Cygni Finding chart for this famous variable

Variable Star Charts

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Positions of objects not marked in Norton's 2000

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Binocular Links

There are many websites that treat binoculars and binocular observing. Here are (in my humble opinion) some of the best of them.