Variable Star Charts

Use this Page to view and download the charts of your choice. To keep download times short, the charts are monochrome. Each chart also contains links to both this page and the Constellation under which it appears. Please note that, unless stated, these charts are not officially provided by bona-fide astronomical organisations, but are my own constructions. In most cases the magnitudes of the comparison stars have not been checked, but they should be sufficient to give useful results in a general "what's going on?" sense.

In every case, the chart is erect, so if you are observing with an inverting finder, please bear this in mind. I have used both methods of showing comparison stars:- the AAVSO method, in which the magnitude is shown directly on the chart, so that 75 = magnitude 7.5 and so on; and the BAA method, with each star referenced by a letter. I have also tried to provide a good spread of star types and brightnesses, so hopefully there will be something here for everyone. Unless otherwise shown, the ruler scale represents 1 degree. For the actual data on the individual stars, see their entries under each constellation.

TU Aurigae U Antliae
RV & RW Boo R & IW Carinae
RX (& BL) Cancri RR & QX Carinae
RT Capricorni AC Carinae
IM Cassiopeiae AG & BZ Carinae
T Ceti h & BO Carinae
T Coronae B. T Centauri
RW Cygni Y Centauri
SS Geminorum SZ & V412 Centauri
KN Hydrae AO Crucis
S Leporis BH Crucis
X Monocerotis V Horologii
V1010 Ophiuchi T Indi
RT Orionis T Microscopii
TW Pegasi BO Muscae
BF Sagittae S & X Pavonis
AQ Sagittarii Y & SX Pavonis
SS Scorpii W Pictoris
AK Scorpii RY Puppis
RZ Scuti R Sculptoris
TU Tauri X Trianguli Aust.
SY Velorum
WY Velorum
CV Velorum

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