The East Anglian Meccano Set

We are a group of enthusiasts and collectors in the Eastern area, and meet three times a year in a room at Bunwell Village Hall to show models and share ideas. We also belong to larger Meccano clubs and travel to various venues in other parts of the country to display our models and buy Meccano spares that are generally only available from specialist traders. We welcome enquiries from anyone interested in joining us, or just wanting to know more about the hobby. We are pleased to mount displays at hobby and craft fairs, museums, rallies, and similar venues.
The "toy" has been making a comeback over recent years, and it is not necessary to own a large chest of traditional Meccano to enjoy it. Small sets are on display in department stores and toy shops, ranging in price from about 5 to 60. These can provide a good starting point, and if the bug takes hold, one may graduate to the larger sets, or extra parts obtained from traders.
Stop Press! As of September 2011 you can now find building instructions for certain models on the website. Just go the models page using the button above and note which modeller has an asterisk against their name. On their page you will find online building instructions.
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